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In-Kind Gifts

Giving isn't just about money. Our Clubs have a number of needs on their Wish Lists. You can give back in more way than one through in-kind giving!

We welcome contributions of materials, goods, and services that help us reduce our costs and continue to provide high-quality programs for youth in Kentuckiana. We accept a variety of items, including:  

•  School supplies
•  Office supplies
•  Board games 
•  Card games
•  Puzzles 
•  Books 
•  Sports equipment 
•  And more! 

Please note that all donations are subject to review. Contact Tina Hood at to learn more about what we currently accept.
A message from Wright Steenrod, previous Board Chair, current Board Member, and the son of an original supporter of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana:

"As you know, I’ve been a big supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of Kentuckiana and their great work in the community for a long time. What you might not know is that this a family legacy: my grandfather, John Humphrey, helped start the first Club 60 years ago. To celebrate the 60th anniversary, and in honor of my grandfather, I am establishing a new fundraising campaign called “Parkland Partners” in memory of my grandfather and hero. This partnership will support the Boys & Girls Club in the Parkland neighborhood with a commitment of $300,000 over five years, and if you join me in donating, you will have a special opportunity to see – in person - how much impact it really can make. Please consider supporting this cause that is so important to me and my family, and help us change the lives of young people in the Parkland neighborhood."
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